Academic and social recognition

PPGECM has achieved a good repercussion at the academic and social level in the Northern region. Its production is present in the most varied events held in the local scenario, besides the development of projects and actions that dialogue with Basic Education. Elementary schools have sought the Program in order to establish partnerships for activities and events in this environment, with the collaboration of teachers and researchers who work at PPGECM or students of the Master and Doctorate. The Program has also been requested to compose technical committees, to develop teaching activities or to support programs and projects, of initial or continuous formation, of teachers who work in Science and / or Mathematics teaching. These include the Articulated Actions Program (PAR), the National Teacher Training Plan (PARFOR), Pro-Literacy, the National Pact for Literacy at the Right Age (PACTO), Provinha Brasil de Matemática and the National Proof for Admission to Teaching Career (INEP-DIRED). In this sense, PPGECM also collaborates with the activities of the Distance Learning Mathematics Degree course, offered by UFPA and directed to teachers who work in Basic Education in public schools and who do not have training in the area of ​​full degree.