The Science and Mathematics Education Graduate Program (PPGECM – Portuguese acronym) is one of the subunits of the Institute of Mathematical and Scientific Education (IEMCI), former Research and Development Center for Mathematical and Scientific Education (NPADC) of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA).

PPGECM aims to offer graduates and teacher trainers in the areas of Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Mathematics, Environmental Education and related fields, opportunity for studies and research on the current foundations of teaching and research in the area of ​​Science Education and Mathematics (CAPES Area 46), training researchers in the respective area; providing postgraduates with theoretical and practical basis in science and mathematics education research, assessing the contributions of such research in teacher education; instrumentalizing graduate students, so that they have autonomy to reflect and scale their pedagogical practice, as well as produce knowledge that can be disseminated in science and mathematics teaching; and creating conditions for the continuity of studies, research and continuing education of science and mathematics teachers, aiming to establish a dialogical relationship between scientific production and dissemination in the school context.

This Program started in May 2002 with the Master’s in Science and Mathematics Education, the first in the Northern region. In 2009, it started the Academic Doctorate in Science and Mathematics Education.

Currently, PPGECM has Master’s and Doctoral courses in Science and Mathematics Education and it is organized in two Areas of Concentration: Science Education and Mathematical Education; and six Research Lines: History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies; Didactics and Teacher Training; Teaching Practices and Diversity; Teaching Languages ​​and Practices; Science, Technology, Society and Education; and Mind, Brain and Education.

It received grade 5 - CAPES evaluation - quadrennium 2017 to 2020.